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Dhanush Reddy have established this prestigious and yet ground-breaking venture to lend a helping hand in transforming the future of mobility to a whole new level. With a firm confidence and thorough estimation on the impact of electric vehicles in Indian market in the next few years, we have established VOVO Electric to provide affordable and easily accessible EV-charging solutions -says Dhanush Reddy.

Being an alumni of prestigious educational institutions of India, Mr Dhanush Reddy has always been in exploration for an innovative idea to establish an organisation. And Facilitate this millennial generation. VOVO Electric can be considered as a result of such Vigorous and dedicated exploration.

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Our Passionate Team

We are starting an R&D centre with over 200 new-bie graduates of prestigious IITs and NITs in India. If you Are interested in being a part of this revolutionary venture And upgrade yourself, then we are always open to consider Your request. Click Reach us below or share your resumes to info@vovoelectric.com