What is Electric Vehicle? | Benefits of Electric Vehicles

What is Electric Vehicle? | Benefits of Electric Vehicle

The Vehicles that are powered and operated through electric power are Electric Vehicles. These vehicles are either fully or partially powered by electric power and are known as Electric vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles, respectively.

Compared to the conventional engines, these electric vehicles are powerful and comes with less maintenance cost. In addition, the benefits of electric vehicles in India are humungous and with the extensive usage it also benefits the environment.

So, why are electric vehicles important? What are the major benefits of buying electric vehicles in India?

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Low Commute Cost

As of today, the cost of Petrol and Diesel are sky-rocketing. It’s almost twice the cost now and 10 Years from the past approximately. Now that the electric vehicles are getting a hold on the automobile market, it beneficial especially for the Indian commuters.

Since the cost of commute is reduced to more than 80%, we could see a steady rise in the purchase of electric vehicles in the Indian market.

Environment Friendly

The electric vehicles are environment-friendly, since there are less moving part and there is no combustion of fuel, the vehicle does not emit CO2 or any gases that are harmful to the environment.

With the electric vehicles, we are making a huge movement towards a better life for the future. At least, once in our life time we all could have seen/heard the news about the increase in air pollution in major Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai.

In addition, it is also evident that the air quality index of these cities are worsening day by day. By switching to electric vehicle, we are making a huge impact for the future betterment.

Less Maintenance

As mentioned above, the electric engines have fewer moving parts which also means that the servicing cost will also be reduced to a considerable amount.

The yearly/monthly replacement of the classic mechanical parts are now replaced with servicing the batteries, ECU and many more technologies. This could also lead to lesser amount of engine failures and breakdown and the failure can be figured out easily.

Noise Pollution

We all might have got annoyed with that one car that throws out loud engine noise. And in the past, many would buy Petrol-engine cars just because they get less engine noise and have a smooth commute.

Now, the Diesel-engine cars emit similar sound like petrol engine and as an alternative, Petrol-engines are replaced with Electric engines. These electric engines emit-out very minimal sound, compared to the conventional engines.

Why do we need Electric Vehicles?

Still not convinced? Eager to know why do we need electric vehicle? The emission-control norms are now getting better and are getting updated almost every couple of years. Which means that the emission of CO2 is controlled to a greater extent every couple of years.

Inversely, we could witness the impact on the cost of the vehicles. The purchase cost of each conventional vehicle is rising every year. Now that the price of conventional vehicle and electric vehicle are almost similar, we could witness the switch evidently.

Switch to electric, Switch to better future!

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