How to take India towards an electric vehicle future

How to take India towards an electric vehicle future

Indeed, India is the biggest market for electric vehicles and the country should be in dire need of electric vehicles in the near future. Because air pollution in the country is worsening year after year and the government is taking initiatives towards a green environment.  

One such is to increase the market of Electric Vehicles in the future. Besides, the government is incentivizing the companies and the customers by providing subsidies to buy electric vehicles. Concerning charging, the government is planning to increase the use of renewable energy resources. 

But with the mass population, will the switch happen smoothly? How to take India towards an electric vehicle future?

Market entry

Here are few market entries on how to take India towards an electric vehicle future in demand. When we have a deeper look into the automobile sector in India, two-wheelers have domination in mobility. 

In India, the majority of people commute to work in two-wheelers or on public transport. Though there are major players in the electric car manufacturing segments, there are only a few companies that dominate the two-wheeler segments.

Also, the existing companies are acknowledging the trend and manufacturing based on the needs of the customers. 

India has a long way to go towards the EV segment and automatic vehicles, considering the charging infrastructure and the widespread, never-ending roads. 


Though there are many opportunities in the electric vehicle market, there are an equal amount of challenges that come when switching to electric vehicles. And how to take India towards an electric vehicle future application?


India does not manufacture battery cells. The batteries are now imported from countries like China, Japan, Europe, and Korea. That being said, India has to pay tax duties to import those batteries. When there is an increase in the need for batteries, India might face some trade deficit in the future. 

Charging Infrastructure

The ratio of Charging stations to Electric cars is way less in India. As electric vehicle sales increase, companies should also increase the number of charging stations, and the proximity of the charging stations should be reduced and brought to closer proximity. 

When we consider home charging, most of the houses run with the energy generated from thermal or coal.

Every household could adapt to the use of solar power to even reduce the cost of charging and move fully-electric and to a better environment. 

Practicality and Scalability

In recent times, people are showing more interest in electric vehicles. Since it is practical, good for the environment and costs only a little extra than the conventional vehicles. Once people get a grab of these vehicles, the market scales to a greater extent.

As per the reports, India could witness a major switch towards electric vehicles in near future. This demands a better infrastructure to adapt these vehicles in the Indian market and scale these vehicles to a wider audience. 

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