How Electric Vehicles help to tackle climate change

How Electric Vehicles help to tackle climate change

One of the important selling-factors of Electric Vehicles is that it helps to tackle climate change. Of course, it does not emit any gasses but is it true that the greenhouse gases are reduced in the environment after switching to EV? Do electric cars help climate change? 

Indeed, the emission of greenhouse gases in electric vehicles while operating is Null. On the other hand, these electric vehicles need to be charged to go from Point A to Point B. To charge these vehicles, electricity is the one and only source.  

It should be noted that countries with high usage of renewable energy resources could really benefit from the electric vehicles.

In a country like Germany, most of the energy is from renewable resources so it is much more beneficial to the environment and it really reduces the carbon footprint. 

But on the other hand, in a country like India, non-renewable energy is still dominating the market. In fact, non-renewable energy such as coal has the major share to produce electricity.

So, switching to EV with this as a source of electricity does not have an impact. We might generate the same amount of carbon in combustion engines as well as in the production of electricity. 

So, the important element is that the electric cars technical characteristic and environmental impacts are very minimal and are packed with huge benefits. But when applied at the right time and right place. 

Global warming

In a Nutshell, electric vehicles are definitely one of the best ways help to reduce global warming. But how we apply it and make it to the end customers really matters.

Because the only emission of CO2 from fuel combustion could not be a reason for Global warming, there could be other factors as well such as Air conditioning, Chemicals and Energy used in manufacturing plants, and unsafe disposal of cars and car parts. 

Even though these are not connected to electric cars particularly, it helps to some extent if we act responsibly and move a step ahead to save the environment. So, how do electric vehicles help to reduce Global warming? 

The major reason for global warming is the increase in transport be it by on Land or on Air, both have similar to high share on the Global warming.

On the other hand, air pollution caused by industries. In fact, it also has a share and plays a major role in Global warming. Companies and Governments are trying to find a way to reduce the carbon footprint by taking initiatives in an eco-friendly way.

One of such in the automobile industry is the electric vehicle.  As mentioned above, electric vehicles emit zero CO2 and are eco-friendly to commute from one place to the other. 

But a 100% reduction in Global warming could be achieved only when the whole mobility is in an eco-friendly method. That is right from Charging to Disposing of the batteries, every process should be monitored and the friendliness of the process should be checked. 

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