What is the Future of EV charging stations in India

Future of EV charging stations in India

When you hear “EV in India” what are the first few things that pop into your mind? Aren’t they Range, EV Charging Stations in India, Power, and Commute-cost? If that’s the case, you are absolutely right! Not just that, there are so many things that the world could benefit from EV than that of combustion engines.

March towards EV

As of today, there are almost 933 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in India. Whereas, almost 156,000 electric vehicles sold in India just in FY 2020. Even during the Pandemic, the electric vehicle sale peaked.

It is evident that in a couple of years, the numbers are gonna sky-rocket, and the Future of EV Charging stations will definitely be in demand. 

COVID’s impact on EV

The pandemic has widened the market for Private/Own-purpose vehicles. During the initial stages of the lockdown. Where there seemed to be no possibility for public transportation, many started using their Private vehicle to commute.

Later, many got used to the comfort that the Private vehicles offer and not to mention that it is also safe for each individual to use their own vehicle to commute.

Now with the increase in the price of Petrol & Diesel and the awareness of electric vehicles has increased, this would be the best possible market entry for electric vehicle charging stations in India.

Considering the future of electric vehicle charging stations in India, this is also an opportunity for the companies to step-in as there is a high contrast in the numbers of the vehicles and the EV charging stations in India. 


EV Charging stations in India definitely don’t offer a Monopolistic nature. There are equal to more companies who are planning to execute this in a wider range offering rapid charging to all vehicles regardless of the manufacturers.

As many car manufacturers set-up their EV charging stations which offer fast charging facilities in some cities and some highways.

While these all seem intimidating, there are high possibilities that problems might occur in the near future, since all manufacturers do not offer the same battery and battery capacities, this could be a deal-breaker for some electric vehicle charging stations in India. 

Focusing inside and outside the city

Electric Vehicle charging stations should be set-up in a way that should benefit both the city commuters and also those who travel on a highway. Besides, it is suggestable to invest and set-up more EV charging stations in India away from the city targeting the highway commuters.

Considering the electric vehicle charging stations in India, almost every manufacturer offers a charging set-up both in their home and in their offices.

What’s the Future of EV Charging Station in India?

It is evident that the future of EV charging stations will boom in India. If the third-party EV charging stations offer fast or rapid charging. While we are on that, it is also necessary for the third-party charging stations to have a higher customer retention rate.

One of the ways to achieve that on highways is that the stations are situated near a restaurant or park or play-area and not in a barren land. Where there is nothing to do rather than wait until the vehicle charges-up. 

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