Electric vehicles: a smart choice for the environment

Electric vehicles: a smart choice for the environment

When we think about electric vehicles, our mind directly goes to the environmental friendliness of the commute. Are electric vehicles a smart choice for the environment and development? Are there any factors that affect the environment especially in the Electric Vehicle segment?

Electric Vehicles are one of the best alternatives for conventional vehicles which impacts the environment on a large scale. Of course, electric vehicles do not emit any harmful gas that affects the environment.  But, even with electric vehicles, there are few factors that affect the environment if it not monitored and not taken care of. 


Even though manufacturing an electric vehicle is similar to manufacturing a conventional vehicle, companies should take appropriate measures and treat the gases and chemicals before letting-out them. Manufacturers should take initiatives to process the waste and try to recycle the products where ever possible. 

Charging Stations

The companies and the government should make sure that the electricity used in these charging station comes from renewable resources. If that is not the case, switching to electric vehicles a smart choice for the environment in India might have zero effect on the environment itself.

The real impact could be witnessed only when the mobility is fully renewable and are environment friendly. This means the companies should focus on green energies which are renewable and do not affect the environment.

Solar, Wind, and Water energies are few, from which companies and the government could take initiatives to make the world of mobility much more environmentally friendly. 

Longevity of the vehicle

It is also important that electric vehicles should last for a longer time. If the electric vehicles only for a lesser period of time compared to the conventional vehicles, it has to be scraped, which is not environmentally friendly.

With frequent scrapping, we are still polluting the environment. And that’s why electric vehicles a smart choice for environmental development cannot be achieved. 

Electric Vehicles should have the ability to last a little longer than conventional vehicles, either by replacing the parts or by recycling or repairing specific parts. 

Benefits and the smart choices the Electric Vehicles offer

Electric Vehicles are a smart choice for the environment free from pollution. Be it noise or the air. Electric vehicles contribute a way lesser amount to the pollution. Without tailpipes and just with the whizzing sound, mobility happens without polluting the environment. 

Not just for the environment, these also have an effect on the health of every human being. Pollution also affects every living individual. So, the switch to Electric vehicles should rather be a smart choice for environmental life and every other life on the earth.

This does not mean that switching to an electric vehicle means the environment is 100% clean. Of course, the environment might be polluted by the above-mentioned reasons, but the pollution might happen in a controlled and regulated manner. So, it does not affect that much of what it is now. 

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